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90% of fish for fishmeal are food-grade

Back for my first post in a long while. I have recently published a paper that got some exciting news coverage. The takeaway message of the paper was that much of the fish we use for fishmeal is ‘food-grade’ fish and could thus be used for human consumption. There is a common argument that the fish... Continue Reading →

Krillin’ it: the Antarctic Krill fishmeal fishery

Krill remains one of largest underexploited marine resources in the world. Krills are a group of various zooplankton that generally look like small shrimps. Krill and other zooplankton (free-floating organisms that don’t photosynthesize their own energy) float in the water column and represent a link in the food chain between primary producers (like phytoplankton) and larger animals ranging in size... Continue Reading →

Gears used to Fish for Feed

There is a multitude of different fishing gears that are used to catch fish. These gears generally vary in the scale of fishing undertaken, and are dominated by a few categories of gear. These different gear types and categories range in their impact on the ecosystem’s habitat. In addition to my work on reduction fisheries,... Continue Reading →

Primary production required for fisheries products

My first peer-reviewed article came out a few weeks ago and can be found here, or through my ResearchGate profile here. The article focuses on refining a measure of biotic impact as measured in life cycle assessment. Life cycle assessment attempts to quantify most environmental impacts of a product from ‘cradle-to-grave’. Thus, the greater consideration... Continue Reading →

Sources of Fishmeal

In my last post, I discussed the largest source of fishmeal and fish oil globally, reduction fisheries (if you didn’t get a chance to read it, catch up here!). Reduction fisheries have been the primary source of fishmeal and fish oil since at least the late 1950s. In this article I’m going to give an... Continue Reading →

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